Microblading to Get the Eyebrows You Desire

The full and shapely eyebrows are popular today. Even if a person was not born with it, there are ways to create better eyebrows that look natural. One can use eyebrow makeup as a temporary solution.

However, eyebrow makeup requires a lot of time and there is a risk of smudging in it. The issues with brow makeup have turned many people to microblading.

Beverly Hills microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a way to achieve great looking eyebrows without the daily hassle. This semi-permanent treatment will not wash off and not require daily maintenance. It can create the look of fuller eyebrows, alter the shape of eyebrows, or fill in thin eyebrow areas. A microblading professional will inject ink into the eyebrow area using a manual device.

Microblading salon

The expert draws lines across the skin in softly strokes to imitate natural hairs. The ink is not applied intensely into the skin as it fills out the thin areas to make it appear like a person has fuller eyebrows.

Expectations from the Microblading Process

The microblading process can take about 1-2 hours to complete as the pain is less than what a client would experience when getting a tattoo. During the first week after treatment, the healing procedure could comprise some redness, slight scabbing, and itching. After 4 weeks some people go for retouch to refine eyebrow strokes or darken the pigmentation.

Microblading Process

The prolonged existence of microblading treatment is dependent on a number of factors such as age and skin type. Usually, microblading lasts between 1 to 3 years, and many clients discover that at 18 months they’re all set for a new treatment.


For the best results and to stay away from any added discomfort, aftercare is very significant.

• It is advisable not to get brows wet for the first 8-10 days.
• One should use the natural coconut oil 2-3 times a day for the first 8-10 days with a cotton bud- NOT FINGERS.
• Do not apply any makeup on the treatment area for the first 8-10 days.
• No swimming or Jacuzzi in initial days.
• One should not go for cosmetic treatments such as facials, skin peels, or laser within the first 5-6 weeks.
• Avoid direct sun exposure for the first fifteen days.
• After 10-11 days an SPF of 20 or higher should be applied to the treatment area.


If you want to get proficient treatments then microblading eyebrows cost in Beverly Hills at Winxed are much lower than others. Get proper information about microblading and whether it is right for you or not by booking a consultation with us and discussing through your options.

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Explore The Real Beauty In You!


Every woman’s dream is to look perfect and nowadays there are so many equipments and techniques have emerged for achieving the “perfect” look. The perfect look starts from the face and the most important and expressive parts of any human face are the eyebrows and lips. Few people have a thick eyebrow and a few have it arranged in a bushy way. How to get the perfect eyebrow? People were using threading and waxing for attaining the perfect brows and now, the technique is improved to ‘microblading’.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is not a recently developed technique to be precise. It is a technique which is a decade old and it originally originated from Japan. Technically microblading refers to permanent tattooing technique. The permanent tattoo specialists use a special microblade to make different strokes for creating a tattoo effect. The permanent tattoo experts choose the perfect curve that suits best for your face and makes it a tattoo for your eyebrows.

How Safe Are Microblading Techniques?


When the term tattoo arises, the question of safety also comes into picture as the chances of infection and contamination are high. Well, there are no such risks in microblading as the tattoo experts use the perfect and sterilized blades every time and the inks used for micro-blading are organic pigments which ensure no chemical allergies in future.

Different Types Of  Microblading Techniques

There are different types of microblading techniques used in the market depending on the equipment used. Some of the most popular methods are:

  • The Digital or pen method: In this method, the motorized pen pressurizes the needle and adds pigment where the tattoo artist has less work on pressuring for the right pigmentation.
  • Hand method: This method utilizes the entire skill of the tattoo artist and no machine or motor is involved. This method is used to create the original masterpiece of the artist.
  • Embroidery: This method enables the artist to utilize different level of pressure for different depths and colors and enables them to create a real masterpiece. This was the original microblading technique developed and utilized.

The microblading technique is totally safe and it saves time by reducing the work of drawing your own brows every time. These microblading eyebrows can be either permanent or temporary depending on your choice. Choose your technique for the perfect and curvy looks!

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The Reason Why One Should Do Waxing Once A Month

What You Need To Know Before Getting the Microblading eyebrows

Microblading – Beverly Hills, CA

From last few years, waxing has become common at the saloon it has become every girl’s necessity and for many beauty regimens. Nowadays even boys do waxing. Waxing is a great alternative for shaving. While shaving your leg may get darker.  The new hair that comes may become harder and look ugly and can give you an uncomfortable feeling. When we wax our leg, it gives us lot of benefits like the leg does not get dark and also when new hair comes it remains soft.

Experts recommend us that in Beverly Hills waxing gives you the best service and also they are professionally advanced in all their equipment. They also have professionally trained employees.

The Reason Why One Should Do Waxing Once A Month

waxing in Beverly Hills.

We always doubt that how frequently we should do waxing if you did your wax recently, then you should wait for three to four weeks and then go for the next waxing.  Make sure you give your hair sufficient time to grow because there might be some hair which may take time in growing beneath your skin. One thing you should take note off while you go for waxing is that never wax on the wounded place because it may give you more pain and skin might come off, and it may start bleeding. Avoid applying any cream before you go for waxing. According to the experts, Winxed is the best place Beverly Hills for waxing.

Effect after Doing Microbalding Eyebrows


There are professionals for Microblading Beverly Hills, Ca which give you the best treatment for your eyebrows.

It is said that eyebrows are the beauty of the face and also if you have Sharpe eyebrows it gives confidence to our face so with the help of Microblading eyebrows it gives you a different look to your eyebrows. It makes your eyebrows look darker if they are light.

This is the reason why one should do proper waxing and keep your hygiene and get the best microbalding eyebrows from Winxed Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills.

Get Glowing Skin with Waxing

MicrobladingFrom the last few years, waxing has become a common and widespread service offered at the saloon. It has become every girl’s necessity and for many beauty regimens. Waxing is a great alternative for shaving. Shaving can lead to many problems like making your leg get dark and makes your new hair more strong. While when we wax our leg, it gives a lot of benefits like it does not get dark also later when new hair comes it remains soft, and also we get better and soft skin. Experts suggest that in Beverly Hills waxing gives you the best service and also they are professionally advanced in all their equipments. They are professionally trained employees. Also, they have varieties of different wax that suits our body and gives us a better glow. There are also professionals for Microblading Beverly Hills, Ca which give you the best treatment.

We always have a doubt that how often should we have to do waxing so here is the solution for it:  if you have done your wax recently then you should at least wait for three to four weeks before going for next waxing.  Make sure you give your hair to grow enough because there might be some hair still emerging beneath your skin which will soon emerge after your waxing as not all hair have the same hair growth. This is why it is said that waxing should be done once a month considering the time to grow your hair. Usually, it takes three weeks to grow your hair but give one extra week to grow out and voila.

Things you should take note off while you go for a wax: never wax on your wound because it may give you more pain and chances are the skin might come off with the wax, and it may start bleeding. If your skin is sunburned, then avoid the sun for 24 hours before you wax because your skin becomes sensitive and can peel off your skin during waxing. Avoid applying any cream or oil before you go for waxing.

What You Need To Know Before Getting the Microblading eyebrows

Individuals with thin eyebrows who desire fuller looking eyebrows are the best candidates for microblading. A hand-held device with needles is used to apply pigments which look like new hairs. Many folks state microblading is much more embarrassing than painful, but everything depends on your pain threshold. When numbing cream is applied, you likely won’t have the ability to sense much.

Choose Professional Microblading Aritst in Beverly Hills, CA

It can require up to 2 hours filling out the process. Also, it can take up to two sessions to complete the initial microblading procedure.

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Expert Guide to Waxing This Summer

You dream summer body routine is on, as soon as the summer vacations hit the calendar. However, you summer body just might not be restricted to toning down your fat levels. It also includes removing unwanted hair that has accumulated over time. The solution? Waxing!

Beverly Hills waxing

Though some women go for razors, it is better to wax your hair off to get longer lasting results and smoother looking skin. Before starting, let’s clear out a well believed myth regarding waxing: Hair removal or waxing does not result in darker and denser hair growth. These factors are mostly genetic and hair removal doesn’t affect them in any way. Now, to start with there should be enough length of hair on your body to make waxing work or otherwise, the wax wouldn’t have enough to grip on. Also make sure you exfoliate a day or two prior to your waxing session to get rid of dead skin cells. In addition to that, keep in mind to not use any product on your skin before waxing so it remains natural.

After you have gone through with your waxing session, you might have redness on your skin. Hence, you might want to wait for a day or more to let it fade which is why you should wax a few days before your trips and holidays outings. Make sure you do not wear tight fitting clothes after waxing as they will make you uncomfortable. Also, don’t swim for a day at least to prevent any chlorine or other substances from entering your newly opened pores of the skin.


All this may be too much information! You can visit Winxed in eyebrow waxing Beverly Hills if you are looking for professionals to assist you in the process. They have a variety of services with experts available in each service to assure you look your best after the treatment.

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Let Your Eyelashes Steal the Show

The appearance of your eyes can make all the difference in the world. Beautiful eyes charm every single one of us. One of the best ways to instantly get your eye game up is using eyelash extensions. These are basically an extra length of eyelashes that make yours look longer and amazing.


So, you get the eyes of your dreams in just a few minutes! To get started, you need to select your preferred eyelash extensions from a store.

Online stores like Winxed are known to have an impressive range of beauty products including the superior eyelash extensions as well.

Reasons to use eyelash extensions

There are a variety of reasons why eyelash extension is the best option to make your eyes look amazing and captivating. First and foremost is that they don’t affect your eyes in any way.

Your natural eyelashes remain intact and damage free. They are completely harmless and don’t have any side or hidden effects of usage. You can even sleep wearing the eyelashes, and they would do no harm.

Secondly, they are a quick remedy for you to look better every single day. All you have to invest is a few minutes to put them on and you are ready to go!

It saves time because you can even skip make up for your eyes because the extension already makes them pop with beauty.

Moreover, they have a very natural appearance and are lightweight. So, you can easily wear them all day long without any discomfort.

Also, you can choose whichever length and colour you like the best. You should choose the design that looks best according to your face and eyes.

This means that you can develop your unique style and rock it every day! You can even try different styles every week or so and see what works best for you.

So, enjoy the variety of options available at the store and receive compliments every single day!

The story doesn’t end here! You particularly have an edge when you opt for brands like Winxed. They are one of the most trusted brands in the market and have a huge range of options available for you, not only in eyelashes extensions but in other beauty products as well.

Check them out whenever you are need of beauty products and you are bound to have a great experience with them!