Uneven Eyebrow is Your Worst Enemy And Here is How You can Defeat It

Do you remember the actress of 90’s who had nasty looking eyebrows to justify their villainy roles? They use to keep their eyebrows raw and uneven eyebrows to make it look horrifying. They used to draw the uneven thick lines to make it look scary. You could Google the 90s cartoons and you will get the idea.

Beverly Hills eyebrow waxing

However, this is not the trend these days because microbladed eyebrows give you subtle and classy look. Eyebrow is one of the most important parts of facial feature and unnatural eyebrows are the enemies of your good looks. You can however defeat your enemies with perfectly shaped eyebrows with microblading services in Beverly Hills, CA. You can get lustrous and natural looking, beautifully shaped eyebrows with help of semi-permanent inking procedures like Microblading.

It is a blessing in disguise for the people with the sparse growth of hairs. The microblading fills the empty spaces between hairs which mix up perfectly with the natural hairs. The microbladed eyebrows start to wear off every two years. However, it could be redone again but only when the color wears off completely.

This involves investing time and money. It could also be termed as eyebrows embroidery and thus, it should be done by eyebrow microblading experts like Winxed. Winxed specializes in mink eyelash extension, eyebrows threading, Beverly Hills eyebrow waxing as well as microblading. It also runs eyelash extension school to give crash course on eyelash extension.

Thus, book an appointment with Winxed and make your eyebrows the best facial feature.


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